Vertical Injection Moulding Machine 1000 VRT

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 Technical Specification
Diameter of Screw 63.5 mm
Maximum Shot Capacity 1000 Grms.
Plasticizing Capacity 100 Kgs/hr
Stock of Screw 300 mm
Number of Screw Rotation 210 r.p.m.
Absolute Injection Pressure 17.0 m/t
Specific Injection Pressure 500 Kgs/cm2
 Mould Clamping Unit
Clamping Pressure 30m/t
Clamping Stroke 100 mm
Maximum Mould Size (LxWxH) 300 X 200 X 225mm
Motor for drive of oil pump 10 H.P.
Motor for driving Plasticizing Screw 10 H.P.
Heating Capacity 5 K.W.
Heating Control (Pyrometer) 3 No.
(Sunvik) 3 Nos.
Hydraulic Pump 70 Litres/mm
Pump Pressure 180 Kgs/cm2
Floor area of machine 750 mm X 1150 mm
Weight of Machine 1.8 Ton approx.


  • Model RAM VRT 1000 is designed for molding of all kinds of Plastic Raw materials, Specialize in manufacturing one colour, foam, non foam shoes, Sandals, slippers, full plastic footwear and soles. Auto parts, sanitary and electrical fittings etc.
  • Sturdy design and simplicity in operation.
  • Vertical type injection system: This system outreaches the traditional design. As the dimension, is only half Of the traditional machine.
  • Mould space : It is easy to match with various kinds of moulds and reduce limitations of Mould design.
  • Temperature controlled by three temprature controllers: Gives perfection in maintaining the melt Temp. with least variation.
  • Ergonomically designed and inter changeability.
  • Also available RAM/VRT 400 and VRT 600 tailor made according to customer's requirement.